Loan Accounts


Whether your purchase is a new or used car, truck or van, the credit union can help you with affordable financing. Or bring us your loan from another institution and take advantage of our great rates.

LOAN LIMITS:   100% of value, plus costs of license, registration, tax, and extended warranty
NEW AUTO LOAN TERMS: up to 72 months
USED AUTO LOAN TERMS:  up to 60 months
NEW AUTO VALUES: The values of new cars, trucks, or sport utility vehicles are determined from the purchase order or dealer invoice.
USED AUTO VALUES: The NADA appraisal guide, Kelly Blue Book or Edmund’s will determine the value of used vehicles.


Verification of income:

  • Employment Income – Most recent pay stub or recent W-2. If self-employed – Most recent Federal Income Tax Return
  • Rental – Lease agreement
  • Alimony or Child Support – Court Decree (if applicable)
  • Pension or Investment – Check voucher or statement of account showing regular deposit.


  • Evidence of purchase price (i.e., purchase order, dealer invoice or bill of sale)
  • Insurance binder listing the Credit Union as lien holder and indicating adequate comprehensive and collision coverage. Borrowers must maintain full coverage (comprehensive and collision) insurance on the vehicle until the loan is paid in full.

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