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Opening a Primary Savings establishes your membership with the Credit Union and opens you up to all the accounts, loans and services we offer. A minimum balance of $5 is required to maintain your Primary Savings and membership.

You can open additional (secondary) savings accounts for any purpose or to save for a specific need; such as emergency savings, taxes, a special purchase or large life event such as a wedding or baby.

Holiday Club Account

Save for the holidays with one of our most popular savings accounts! With a Holiday Club Account, you can steadily put savings away throughout the year in preparation for the upcoming holidays. You can set up automatic direct deposit into this account to make saving even easier. The balance of your Holiday Club will be automatically transferred to your Primary Savings or Checking account in mid-October; just in time for holiday shopping, travel and events.

Vacation Club Account

Plan ahead for your dream vacation next year and avoid placing your travel on a credit card! Open your Vacation Club with an amount deposit frequency of your choosing. The funds will then be available to you when you need them. As with our other club accounts, its easy to arrange Direct Deposit to automate your saving.

All-Purpose Club Account

Need to save for something special? The All-Purpose Club can help you to save for a large purpose, like new applicances or an HD TV, or for a special occasion. You can manually make deposits or transfer from your Checking. Or, make saving even easier by setting up direct deposit into your account.

Current Savings Rates