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Enroll in Online Banking

How to Enroll in Digital Banking

  1. Click on the "Banking Login" box on the top-right of our website, then click the Enroll Now link.
  2. The digital banking enrollment form will be displayed. Enter all required information for primary account holder.
  3. Please note: The last 4 of your SSN, DOB and street number portion of address much match what is currently on your account records.
  4. Read the “Digital Banking Disclosure” and agree to the terms and conditions by marking the check box next to it.
  5. Check the large box next to “I’m not a robot” and select the applicable images, then click “Submit”.
  6. The temporary password page will display with your temporary login password. Copy or write down this password. Then “Return to Digital Banking” to return to the login screen.

First Time Logging Into Digital Banking

  1. From the login screen, enter your default login information:
    1. Your default username will be your member number.
    2. Your email address is the one that was used during the enrollment process.
    3. Your default password is the temporary password provided during the enrollment process. Click “Continue”.
  2. An account settings message will display. Select “Yes, remember it” if you wish to register/remember the device you are on. Click “Continue”.
  3. Enter your email address. If you wish to be added to the digital banking email list and enroll in e-Statements, check the option boxes. Click “Continue”.
  4. Enter your new username (at least 6 characters; account number cannot be used, must start with a letter). Click “test if username is available”. If available, re-enter your new username in the confirmation box and click “Continue”.
  5. Set a confidence word and add a phone number.
  6. Re-enter your temporary password given during enrollment. Then, enter your new password and confirm your new password. Your password must have a minimum of 8 characters, 1 UPPER case letter, 1 lower case letter, and include at least 1 number. Click “Continue”.
  7. The “update completed” message will display. Click “continue” to go to digital banking.

Enroll Now