Home Banking Instructions

Getting Started

In order to register for home banking access you will need to call us at 860-444-5104. We will immediately initiate this service for you.

SIGN-ON with the temporary password which we will give you.

  • Click Here to go to our home banking website
  • Insert your member account number and the temporary password
  • Then change your password as requested and further secure access to your accounts using the automated process described below:

You will be asked to answer 6 questions, select an image, and then create a short access phrase. You will need to answer all 6 questions initially, select the phrase (anything you want), select an image,but for every subsequent login you will need to answer only one of these questions and then your image and phrase will be displayed next to where you enter the password.

The use of this additional authentication layer in combination with your current User ID greatly decreases the possibility of a "hacker" accessing your information and the purpose of this layer of security is to assure you that you are connected to our site and not some illegitimate site used for "phishing". Phishing is the act of attempting to acquire information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Please note that we will never request such information from you by email. You will receive informational emails and also an email to confirm your email address and if you update or add an email address either at the office and/or via Online Banking.

If you need additional assistance please call us at 860-444-5104.

EFT Disclosure

How To Change Your PASSWORD

Click on the SETTINGS tab in the upper toolbar, then type in your current PASSWORD in the old password box.

  • Your new PASSWORD cannot be the last 6 digits your SSN.
  • It must also be at least 6 characters long and no more than 15 characters long.
  • Your new PASSWORD must contain a combination of letters and numbers.
  • Do not use spaces, apostrophes ( ' ) or angle brackets (<>).
  • Access codes are case sensitive. Example: ABCDE1 = ABCDE1, abcde1 ≠ ABCDE1
  1.     Enter your old PASSORD in the first box.
  2.     Next enter a new PASSWORD in the second box.
  3.     Then retype the same PASSORD in the CONFIRM box.

Clicking the "CHANGE PASSORD" button below will make the change.

An email message will notify you if your PASSWORD was changed successfully.

How To Change Your User ID

When under the settings tab (uper right hand corner) and on the Change User ID page, type in your current user ID in the old user ID box.

  • Your new User ID can contain a combination of letters and numbers.
  • Do not use spaces, apostrophes ( ' ) or angle brackets (<>).
  • User IDs are case sensitive. Example: ABCDE1 = ABCDE1, abcde1 ≠ ABCDE1
  1. Enter your old User ID in the first box.
  2. Next enter your new User ID in the second box.
  3. Then repeat the same User ID in the third box.

Clicking the "CHANGE USERNAME" button below will make the change.

A message will notify you if your use ID was changed successfully.

How To Funds Transfer

This option may be used to transfer funds to sub-accounts within your own membership, or to transfer funds to accounts within other memberships. Select the "From Account", and "To Account" (the "To Accounts" available to transfer to are controlled by your Credit Union), type in the amount you wish to transfer (i.e. one hundred dollars and fifteen cents - 100.15), then select "Perform When", the Description Box is optional, then press "Next". The transaction will be stated for you one last time, if you wish to proceed with the transaction press "Continue", if it is incorrect press "BACK" and edit your transfer. When the transfer is complete, the account balance in the Member Account Information box will be automatically updated.

To Obtain Account History

After selecting an Account Type from the Member Account Information Box (top left), the current account history will display is shown on the screen. When the "Next" option is selected, older, previous transactions are displayed.

To Obtain Account Information

The Member Account Information Box lists the Account Types and Current Balances within a membership. For detailed information on each Account Type click on the desired account.

Transaction Locator

The Transaction Locator will locate transactions by a specific date, date range, dollar amount, transaction type, and draft number range. To search for a transaction, first click on the Account Type, next select the desired criteria( By Date, By Amount, etc.) and press the "Search" button. The located transaction(s) will be displayed on the screen. Multiple transactions will be displayed ten at a time, most current to previous, select "Next" to view each page in sequence.

Loan Applications

From the APPLY ONLINE Tab, select Loan Application. For your convenience, some of the information on the applications will be automatically provided, this information comes from the Credit Union files. Once the application is completed, press the "Submit" button. A Credit Union representative will receive and review the application. Because other pertinent information is required for the application, a representative will be in contact with you. On-line applications are a time saving option offered to you by your Credit Union. Please contact your Credit Union for any additional assistance.

IRS Tax Information

On the Main Page, a Section Titled "QUICK LINKS" is on the lower half of the page. Click on TAX INFORMATION. After selecting the Tax year to view, press "Submit Request". The Dividend, Federal Income Tax Withheld, and Interest Paid will be displayed for each Sub-Account with a grand total on the bottom of the screen.

Download History

The Transaction History Download option is a helpful financial tool. Select the Account type and Date Range you wish to project. Next, select one of the three file formats you would like to use. After pressing the "Download" button the file is ready to be used in your choice of the four financial programs.

Request Check

From the ACCOUNT tab, click on the Tools Icon for a drop down menu. Select Request Draft. Select the account you wish to request the check from and Complete the amount to withdraw (i.e. one hundred dollars and fifteen cents - 100.15), press "Submit Request" when finished. The Credit Union will mail the check directly to you.

Stop Payment

From the ACCOUNT tab, click on the Tools Icon for a drop down menu. Select the Stop Payment. Select in which account the check originated. Next choose Specific Draft, Range of Drafts or Dollar Amount. Enter the draft number(s) or dollar amount to stop payment. If there is only one check leave the To# blank. Select Reason For the Stop (i.e. Lost, or Stolen.). Press on Stop Payment button. A warning box stating "Fee Will Be Applied Stop and Only Valid until date. Not Valid unless the form is signed in the credit union". Then select Print or Continue button to complete the stop payment.

Member Mail

Because email is not a secure form of communication, never send any personal information (account number, social security number, etc.). Under the Contact Tab (upper toolbar), you may compose a message to your Credit Union Service Representative. Type the subject and the body of the message. Press Send.

If you need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to call us at 860-444-5104.