Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Banking FAQ

Why are you changing the online banking?

As a member of Lawrence + Memorial Credit Union, we want to provide you with the latest technology in online banking functionality. Our new digital banking is available through your PC, smart phone, and tablet. Some new features include:

  • Check account balances, make a transfer, and view recent activity
  • View, download, or print monthly statements and other documents
  • Set-up and manage custom alerts for account activity
  • Utilize our new mobile app on IOS and Android devices
  • Transfer money from your account to another LMCU account
  • Send a secure message to the credit union
  • Order checks

However, it’s about more than just keeping current; it’s proactively improving upon our already strong security. The new verification process comes with a Secure Access Code for an easy login no matter what device you may be using. Along with improved features for your banking convenience, our primary purpose remains to protect the safety and security of your personal banking information.

When are you changing the online banking?

We will be switching over to the new digital banking system between 11:00am-11:30am on Wednesday, October 2nd.

What happens after October 2nd, 2019 to my old online banking account?

You’ll need to enroll in the new digital banking system. Your old account will no longer work, you can find the enrollment steps here.

Will my username and password stay the same?

No. Our new Digital Banking platform brings that added benefit of a brand new Mobile Banking App. These new features will require you to setup a brand new username and password. To increase security and ensure your information is protected, we’ve added some username guidelines.

What information do I need to enroll into the new Online and Mobile Banking?

There are three pieces of information you will need to verify your identity when enrolling in the new digital system. It is very important that you have your Member Account Number, Social Security Number, and the number of your street address in our system.

How do I enroll in digital banking?

Click here to see a step-by-step procedure on how to enroll in the new digital banking system.

What is a Secure Access Code?

As an added layer of security, if you log into your digital banking account from an unregistered browser or device, you will be asked to obtain a Secure Access Code. You can receive this code via a text message or email. The code is good for one time use only and expires approximately 15 minutes after it is generated.

What will happen to my alerts?

After the conversion, any old settings will need to be reconfigured in the new digital banking system.

How do I edit an alert?

In the Alerts section, choose the alert you wish to edit from your list of alerts. Click through the “edit alert” screen to change your alert settings. You can also choose “delete alert” in the bottom-left corner to remove the alert completely.

How do I reset my digital banking password?

Go to the digital banking login screen and, click “forgot your password” to reset your password.

Please note: your must have access to the email used to enrollment. If you do not have access to that email or have been locked out, please contact us so we may reset you.

How do I reset my username?

If you have forgotten your digital banking username, please contact the credit union at 860-444-5104 for assistance. 

We’re here for you during this exciting time of change. If you are experiencing any issues, please call us at 860-444-5104.